What NASCAR Star Voiced Himself in the Pixar Movie Cars?

NASCAR fans and animation enthusiasts alike might be curious to know which NASCAR star lent their voice to the beloved Pixar movie Cars. The answer may come as a surprise to some, but it is none other than the legendary Richard Petty.

The King of NASCAR

Richard Petty, also known as “The King,” is a retired NASCAR driver who won an impressive seven championships throughout his career. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of NASCAR and has been inducted into numerous halls of fame.

Petty’s Role in Cars

In Cars, Petty voiced the character Strip “The King” Weathers, who was based on his real-life personality and racing career. The King was a veteran race car driver and a seven-time Piston Cup champion, just like Petty himself.

He also had a calm demeanor and offered guidance to the younger racers in the movie, much like how Petty mentored other drivers during his time on the track.

Petty’s Connection to Cars

Petty’s involvement in Cars extended beyond just lending his voice to a character. The movie’s creators also drew inspiration from Petty’s iconic blue No.

43 Plymouth Belvedere that he drove during his early racing days. The car was recreated for the movie as Strip “The King” Weathers’ ride and even featured a similar shade of blue with red and white accents.

The Legacy of Richard Petty

Petty’s contribution to Cars only adds to his already impressive legacy in both racing and popular culture. His record-breaking career spanned over three decades and set numerous records that still stand today.

In addition to his success on the track, he has also been featured in various TV shows, movies, and commercials over the years.


Richard Petty’s voice acting in Pixar’s Cars is just one of the many ways he has left his mark on popular culture. His role as Strip “The King” Weathers was a fitting tribute to his legendary racing career and offered fans a chance to see him in a new light.

Whether you’re a NASCAR fan or just enjoy animated movies, Petty’s involvement in Cars is definitely worth noting.