What Movies Does Scary Movie 5 Spoof?

If you’re a fan of the Scary Movie franchise, you know that the movies are known for their hilarious spoofs of popular horror films. Scary Movie 5 is no exception, as it pokes fun at several movies in its own unique way. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the films that Scary Movie 5 spoofs.

Paranormal Activity

One of the main films that Scary Movie 5 spoofs is the Paranormal Activity series. The movie features several scenes that parody moments from the horror franchise, including the use of surveillance cameras and night vision footage to capture paranormal activity. The film also features characters that are similar to those in Paranormal Activity, such as a possessed child and a skeptical husband.

Black Swan

Scary Movie 5 also takes aim at Black Swan, the psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman. The movie features a scene where Ashley Tisdale’s character is auditioning for a role in a dance production. The audition turns into a nightmare when she starts experiencing hallucinations and transforms into a monstrous version of herself, much like Portman’s character in Black Swan.


Another film that Scary Movie 5 spoofs is Inception, the mind-bending sci-fi thriller directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie features a scene where Charlie Sheen’s character enters into a dream within a dream within another dream in an attempt to save his wife from being trapped in her own subconscious. This sequence parodies the complex and confusing plot of Inception.


Scary Movie 5 also takes aim at Mama, the supernatural horror film about two young girls who are found in the woods after being missing for five years. The movie features several scenes that parody Mama’s creepy ghostly figure and her unusual movements.

The Evil Dead

Finally, Scary Movie 5 spoofs the classic horror movie The Evil Dead. The film features several scenes that parody the movie’s iconic cabin in the woods setting, as well as its over-the-top gore and violence.


Scary Movie 5 is a hilarious spoof of several popular horror films. From Paranormal Activity to Black Swan to Inception, the movie takes aim at some of the most memorable moments from these movies and puts its own comedic spin on them. Whether you’re a horror fan or just love a good laugh, Scary Movie 5 is definitely worth checking out.