What Movie Star Danced Mary Janes Last Dance With Tom Petty?

If you’re a fan of Tom Petty, you may have heard his hit song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and wondered who the mystery woman in the music video is. Well, wonder no more! The actress who danced Mary Jane’s last dance with Tom Petty was none other than Kim Basinger.

The Music Video

Released in 1993, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” quickly became a fan favorite and one of Tom Petty’s most popular songs. The music video featured a young Kim Basinger as the object of Petty’s affection. The video tells the story of a mortician who falls in love with a dead woman and takes her out for one last dance before burying her.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger is an American actress known for her roles in films such as “Batman,” “L.A. Confidential,” and “8 Mile.”

She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “L. Confidential.”

Acting Career

Basinger began her acting career in the 1970s and gained recognition for her role on the television show “Dog and Cat.” She went on to star in several films throughout the 1980s, including “Never Say Never Again” and “The Natural.”

Personal Life

In addition to acting, Basinger has been involved in animal rights activism. She is also known for her high-profile marriage to actor Alec Baldwin, which ended in divorce.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty was an American singer-songwriter known for hits such as “Free Fallin’,” “I Won’t Back Down,” and “American Girl.” He was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and won several Grammy Awards throughout his career.

Musical Career

Petty began his musical career in the 1970s as the lead singer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He went on to release several successful solo albums and collaborated with other musicians, including Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks.


Tom Petty’s music continues to be celebrated by fans around the world. His timeless songs and unique sound have influenced countless musicians and will be remembered for generations to come.

  • Conclusion: Kim Basinger danced Mary Jane’s last dance with Tom Petty in the music video for his hit song of the same name. Basinger is an accomplished actress known for her roles in films such as “Batman” and “L.

    Confidential,” while Petty was a legendary musician known for hits such as “Free Fallin'” and “I Won’t Back Down.” Together, they created a music video that has stood the test of time.

In conclusion, now you know who danced Mary Jane’s last dance with Tom Petty in the beloved music video for his hit song. The pairing of Kim Basinger and Tom Petty was a match made in entertainment heaven, resulting in a timeless piece of art that continues to captivate audiences today.