What Movie Is Wish Upon a Star From?

Are you curious about the movie Wish Upon a Star? Let’s dive in and explore the origins of this popular film.

The Plot

Wish Upon a Star is a 1996 television movie directed by Blair Treu. The plot revolves around two sisters, Alexia and Hayley Wheaton, who are polar opposites of each other.

Alexia is popular and beautiful while Hayley is the opposite – nerdy and awkward. The two girls are accidentally enchanted by a shooting star which switches their bodies, leading to a series of comedic and dramatic situations as they learn to navigate each other’s lives.

The Cast

The movie stars Katherine Heigl as Alexia Wheaton, Danielle Harris as Hayley Wheaton, Donnie Jeffcoat as Kyle Harding, Mary Parker Williams as Mrs. Steinmetz, and Lois Chiles as Miss Bixby.

The Production

Wish Upon a Star was produced by Disney Channel and released on October 12th, 1996. It was filmed in various locations in Utah, USA.


The movie was well-received by audiences upon its release and has since gained a cult following. The performances of Heigl and Harris were particularly praised for their portrayal of the two sisters.


  • Katherine Heigl dyed her hair blonde for the role of Alexia Wheaton.
  • Danielle Harris had to wear a fat suit for her role as Hayley Wheaton.
  • This was Blair Treu’s directorial debut.

In conclusion, Wish Upon a Star is an entertaining film that has stood the test of time with its unique storyline and strong performances from its cast. It remains a beloved classic among fans of the genre.