What Movie Is the Star Wars Meme From?

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’ve probably seen the famous meme of Darth Vader saying, “No, I am your father.” This meme has become so popular that it’s almost impossible to navigate the internet without encountering it.

But where did this iconic line come from? In this article, we will explore the origins of this meme and the movie it comes from.

The Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

The “No, I am your father” line comes from the movie The Empire Strikes Back, which was released in 1980. The movie is the second installment in the original Star Wars trilogy and is widely regarded as one of the best films in the franchise.

In the movie, Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father during a lightsaber duel on Cloud City. The scene is one of the most memorable moments in cinematic history and has been parodied and referenced countless times since its release.

The Meme: How It Became Popular

The “No, I am your father” line became a popular meme thanks to its widespread use on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. People started using the line to respond to unexpected plot twists or surprising reveals in movies, TV shows, and even real-life situations.

The popularity of the meme can be attributed to its versatility – it can be used in a variety of contexts and still be funny. It’s also an example of how memes can take a small moment from pop culture and turn it into something much larger.

Other Memes From Star Wars

The “No, I am your father” line isn’t the only memorable moment from Star Wars that has become a popular meme. Here are some other examples:

  • “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” – A line spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars movie that has been used to express disbelief or skepticism.
  • “It’s a trap!” – A line spoken by Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi that has been used to warn others of impending danger.
  • “Do or do not.

    There is no try.” – A line spoken by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back that has been used to motivate people to take action.


The “No, I am your father” meme has become a staple of internet culture, but it’s important to remember where it came from. The line is just one small part of the larger story told in The Empire Strikes Back, a movie that continues to be beloved by Star Wars fans around the world.

Whether you love the movies or just enjoy the memes, there’s no denying the impact that Star Wars has had on pop culture. So next time you see someone use the “No, I am your father” meme, remember where it came from and appreciate its origins.