What Movie Is the Song Thirteen by Big Star In?

Are you a fan of the rock band Big Star and their iconic song “Thirteen?” Are you wondering what movie this song features in? Look no further, as we dive into the history of this classic tune and its appearance on the silver screen.

The Story Behind “Thirteen”

First released in 1972 on Big Star’s debut album “No.1 Record,” “Thirteen” quickly became a fan favorite. Written by band members Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, the song has a nostalgic feel with its simple acoustic guitar melody and lyrics about teenage love.

Despite its popularity among fans, “Thirteen” was never released as a single and did not receive much radio play at the time of its release. However, it gained new life in later years through cover versions by artists such as Elliott Smith and Wilco.

“Thirteen” in Film

While “Thirteen” wasn’t featured in any major motion pictures during its initial release, it has since appeared in several films over the years. One of its most notable appearances is in the coming-of-age film “Adventureland,” which hit theaters in 2009.

The film, which takes place in 1987, features a young Jesse Eisenberg working at an amusement park for the summer. Throughout the movie, various songs from the ’80s are played on the park’s loudspeakers, including “Thirteen.” The song perfectly captures the film’s nostalgic tone and fits seamlessly into several key scenes.

Other Appearances

In addition to “Adventureland,” “Thirteen” has also been featured in several other films and TV shows over the years. Some notable examples include:

  • “Freaks and Geeks”
  • “Gilmore Girls”
  • “That ’70s Show”
  • “The O.C.”

Each of these shows used the song to capture a similar coming-of-age sentiment, showcasing the enduring appeal of “Thirteen” for new generations.

The Legacy of “Thirteen”

Despite never being released as a single or receiving much radio play, “Thirteen” has become one of Big Star’s most beloved songs. Its timeless lyrics and simple melody continue to resonate with fans old and new, and its appearance in various films and TV shows has only helped to cement its place in pop culture history.

If you haven’t already heard it, give “Thirteen” a listen today. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to Big Star’s music, this classic tune is sure to capture your heart with its nostalgic charm.