What Movie Is the Clown From in Scary Movie 2?

If you’re a fan of horror comedies, then you must have watched the Scary Movie franchise. The second installment of the series includes a creepy clown that has become an iconic character in the horror genre.

So, what movie is the clown from in Scary Movie 2? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Clown Character in Scary Movie 2

The clown character appears in one of the most memorable scenes of Scary Movie 2. The scene takes place when Cindy Campbell (played by Anna Faris) and her friends visit a haunted mansion for a University research project. In this scene, they stumble upon a room filled with creepy dolls, and that’s where they encounter the clown.

The Origin of the Clown

The clown character is not from any specific movie, but it draws inspiration from multiple horror films. The director Keenen Ivory Wayans has stated that he wanted to create a homage to various horror movies with this character.

The Appearance of the Clown

The clown is designed to be disturbing and terrifying. It wears traditional circus makeup with exaggerated features such as bright red lips and dark circles around its eyes. Its hair is styled into bright green spikes, and it wears a polka dot jumpsuit with yellow suspenders.

The Inspiration Behind the Clown

As mentioned earlier, the director took inspiration from multiple sources while creating this character. However, there are some obvious references that can be seen in its appearance and behavior.

One of the most apparent inspirations is Pennywise from Stephen King’s ‘It.’ Pennywise is also a creepy clown that preys on children’s fears. Additionally, there are similarities between the clown and John Wayne Gacy – an American serial killer who used to dress up as a clown for children’s parties.


While there isn’t a specific movie that the clown character in Scary Movie 2 is from, it draws inspiration from various horror films. Its appearance and behavior are designed to be disturbing and terrifying, making it an iconic character in the horror genre. The clown serves as a great example of how filmmakers can pay homage to different movies while creating something unique and memorable.