What Movie Is Shooting Star From?

Are you a fan of classic rock music? If yes, then you must have come across the iconic song “Shooting Star” by the legendary band Bad Company.

The song is a timeless classic and has been a favorite of rock music enthusiasts for decades. But did you ever wonder what movie this song is from? Let’s dive into the details to unveil the mystery.

The History of Shooting Star

Before we get into the movie that featured “Shooting Star,” let’s take a quick look at the history of this iconic song. “Shooting Star” was released in 1975 as part of Bad Company’s second album, Straight Shooter. It was written by all four members of the band – Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, and Simon Kirke.

The song is about a young musician who becomes famous but eventually dies in a plane crash while on tour. It tells the story of how fame can be fleeting and how one should always live life to its fullest.

The Movie Featuring Shooting Star

Now coming to the burning question – what movie is “Shooting Star” from? The answer is that there isn’t any specific movie that features this song. Unlike many other popular songs, “Shooting Star” wasn’t written for any particular film or soundtrack.

However, this doesn’t mean that the song hasn’t been used in movies at all. Over the years, “Shooting Star” has been featured in several films and TV shows as part of their soundtracks. Some notable examples include:

  • Almost Famous (2000)
  • Without Limits (1998)
  • Varsity Blues (1999)
  • American Anthem (1986)

“Almost Famous” – A Cult Classic

Although “Shooting Star” wasn’t written for Almost Famous, it’s safe to say that the film is what brought the song back into the limelight. The film, directed by Cameron Crowe, tells the story of a young journalist who goes on tour with a fictional band called Stillwater in the 1970s.

The film’s soundtrack features some of the most iconic songs of that era, including “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John and “Feel Flows” by The Beach Boys. However, it’s the use of “Shooting Star” in one particular scene that stands out.

In the scene, we see the band members driving down a highway while singing along to “Shooting Star.” The song perfectly captures the mood of the moment and adds an extra layer of emotion to an already poignant scene.


In conclusion, “Shooting Star” is one of those classic rock songs that will always be remembered for its timeless appeal. While it wasn’t written for any particular movie or soundtrack, its use in popular films such as Almost Famous has helped cement its legacy in popular culture.

So next time you hear “Shooting Star” playing on your playlist or on TV, you’ll know which movies featured this iconic song.