What Movie Does the Cape Campbell Lighthouse Star In?

Located on the northeastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the Cape Campbell Lighthouse is a historic landmark that has stood tall for over 100 years. This lighthouse is not only a symbol of New Zealand’s maritime history but also a popular destination for movie enthusiasts.

So, what movie does the Cape Campbell Lighthouse star in? Let’s find out.

The History of Cape Campbell Lighthouse

The Cape Campbell Lighthouse was built in 1905 and was officially commissioned on June 1, 1909. It was constructed to help guide ships through Cook Strait, which separates New Zealand’s North and South Islands. The lighthouse stands at an impressive height of 22 meters and is visible from up to 37 kilometers away.

The Movie – The Light Between Oceans

The Cape Campbell Lighthouse has played a significant role in the movie, ‘The Light Between Oceans.’ This romantic drama film was directed by Derek Cianfrance and stars Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, and Rachel Weisz.

The movie was released in 2016 and was based on the novel by M.L. Stedman.

The story revolves around Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender), who returns home after serving in World War I to become the lighthouse keeper at Cape Campbell. He falls in love with a young woman named Isabel Graysmark (Alicia Vikander), who he meets while on leave on the mainland. The couple gets married and moves to the lighthouse, where they start a new life together.

The Importance of Cape Campbell Lighthouse in ‘The Light Between Oceans’

In ‘The Light Between Oceans,’ the Cape Campbell Lighthouse serves as both a setting and a symbol. It represents isolation and separation from society as Tom and Isabel live alone with their daughter Lucy on Janus Rock, the island where the lighthouse is located. The lighthouse also represents hope and safety as it guides ships through treacherous waters.

The Cape Campbell Lighthouse is shown in several scenes throughout the film, including the opening scene where Tom is seen climbing up its stairs to start his new job as a lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse plays a vital role in the story’s climax, where it helps save the lives of several sailors whose ship has run aground during a storm.


The Cape Campbell Lighthouse may have been built over 100 years ago, but it continues to play an essential role in New Zealand’s maritime history and popular culture. Its appearance in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ has brought more attention to this beautiful landmark and highlighted its significance in guiding ships safely through Cook Strait.

If you are planning to visit New Zealand’s South Island, make sure to add the Cape Campbell Lighthouse to your itinerary. It’s not just a stunning sight to behold, but also a piece of history that has become an iconic part of New Zealand’s landscape.