What Movie Did Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton Star in Together?

Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton are two of the most iconic names in Hollywood. While they both have enjoyed successful careers in their respective genres, they came together for a movie that many might not be aware of.

The Movie: Rhinestone

Released in 1984, Rhinestone is a musical comedy that revolves around a New York City cab driver named Nick (played by Stallone) who accepts a challenge to turn a young country singer named Jake (played by Parton) into a star. The catch?

Jake has to transform Nick into a country singer too! The movie follows their journey as they both try to navigate each other’s worlds while also finding love.

The Plot:

The movie opens with Jake, a talented country singer, performing at the famous Rhinestone Club in Nashville. However, her manager Freddie (played by Ron Leibman) is unhappy with her performance and tells her that she needs to connect with her audience better. He suggests that she should sing songs about real-life experiences instead of just love songs.

On the other hand, Nick is seen driving his cab through the busy streets of New York City when he is challenged by his friends to make any woman into a star within two weeks. Nick accepts the challenge and chooses Jake as his candidate. He travels to Nashville and convinces Jake to come back with him to New York City.

Jake agrees but only on one condition – Nick has to become a country singer too! What follows is an entertaining journey of two people from different worlds trying to teach each other their ways while also finding love along the way.

The Cast:

Apart from Stallone and Parton, Rhinestone also features Ron Leibman as Freddie, Tim Thomerson as Barnett Kale, and Richard Farnsworth as Noah.

The Music:

As mentioned earlier, Rhinestone is a musical comedy, and the movie features several songs performed by Stallone and Parton. Some of the popular tracks from the movie include “Drinkenstein”, “Tennessee Homesick Blues”, and “Stay Out of My Bedroom”.

The Reception:

Rhinestone was not a critical success, and it received negative reviews from most critics. However, it did manage to do decent business at the box office, grossing over $21 million worldwide.

In Conclusion:

Rhinestone might not be remembered as one of the greatest movies of all time, but it certainly is an entertaining watch for anyone who loves musical comedies. The chemistry between Stallone and Parton is undeniable, and their performances make this movie worth watching. So if you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy with some great music, Rhinestone is definitely worth a try!