What Movie Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Star in Together?

If you are a fan of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, then you might be curious to know the movie they starred in together. Well, the answer is “Gigli.”

What is Gigli?

Gigli is a 2003 American romantic comedy film directed by Martin Brest. The movie features Ben Affleck as Larry Gigli, a low-level mobster who is assigned to kidnap the mentally challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor in order to save his boss from prison time.

Jennifer Lopez plays Ricki, another mobster who is sent to assist Gigli with the kidnapping. However, things go awry when the two develop feelings for each other and their plan starts to unravel.

The Plot

The plot of Gigli revolves around the kidnapping of Brian, the younger brother of a federal prosecutor. Larry Gigli (Ben Affleck) is tasked with this job by his boss Louis (Lenny Venito). However, things take an unexpected turn when Ricki (Jennifer Lopez) is sent to help him.

As they work together on the kidnapping plan, Larry and Ricki begin to form a bond. But their relationship faces several obstacles along the way, including Larry’s ex-girlfriend Robin (Missy Crider), who tries to come between them.

The Reception

Gigli was released in August 2003 and was panned by critics and audiences alike. The movie was criticized for its weak plot, poor acting performances, and lack of chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The film was also a commercial failure, grossing only $7 million worldwide against its production budget of $75 million.


Despite being widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever made, Gigli holds a special place in Hollywood history as the film that brought Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together. The two started dating shortly after filming the movie and became one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood.

While Gigli may not be a masterpiece, it still remains an interesting piece of pop culture trivia for fans of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.