What Movie Did Jenni Rivera Star In?

Jenni Rivera was a multi-talented artist known for her work in the music and entertainment industry. She was not only a successful singer but also an actress who appeared in several movies during her career.

One of the most notable movies that Jenni Rivera starred in was “Filly Brown.” This movie was released in 2012 and was directed by Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos. The movie tells the story of a young Latina rapper named Majo Tonorio, who is trying to make it big in the music industry while dealing with family problems and legal issues.

Jenni Rivera played the role of Maria Tonorio, Majo’s mother, who is serving time in prison for drug-related charges. Despite her limited screen time, Jenni Rivera’s performance in “Filly Brown” was praised by critics and audiences alike.

In addition to “Filly Brown,” Jenni Rivera also appeared in other movies such as “Eloise” and “Chikas.” However, these films didn’t receive as much attention as her role in “Filly Brown.”

Jenni Rivera’s success as an actress proved that she had a natural talent for performing on screen, just like she did on stage. Her fans were thrilled to see her showcase her acting skills, and many were looking forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

In conclusion, Jenni Rivera starred in the movie “Filly Brown,” which was released in 2012. Her performance as Maria Tonorio was well-received by audiences and critics alike. Though she appeared in other films such as “Eloise” and “Chikas,” “Filly Brown” remains one of her most notable roles on screen.