What Movie Did James Caan Star in With John Wayne?

If you’re a fan of classic western movies, you might be wondering, “What movie did James Caan star in with John Wayne?” Well, wonder no more! The movie in question is none other than “El Dorado,” a 1967 Western film directed by Howard Hawks.

The Plot of El Dorado

The movie centers around a gunslinger named Cole Thornton (played by John Wayne) who is hired by a wealthy rancher named Bart Jason to help him take control of a neighboring town. However, things get complicated when Thornton discovers that his old friend J.P. Harrah (played by Robert Mitchum) is the sheriff of the town that Jason wants to take over.

James Caan’s Role in El Dorado

In “El Dorado,” James Caan plays Mississippi, a young and enthusiastic cowboy who joins forces with Thornton and Harrah to stop Jason’s plan. Mississippi is known for his sharpshooting skills and his ability to always stay optimistic, even in the face of danger.

The Legacy of El Dorado

“El Dorado” has become a beloved classic Western film over the years, thanks to its star-studded cast and its exciting storyline. The movie also features memorable performances from actors like Charlene Holt, Paul Fix, and Christopher George.

  • John Wayne as Cole Thornton
  • Robert Mitchum as J. Harrah
  • James Caan as Mississippi
  • Charlene Holt as Maudie
  • Paul Fix as Dr. Miller
  • Christopher George as Nelse McLeod

If you haven’t seen “El Dorado” yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. With its thrilling action sequences and memorable characters, it’s a true classic of the Western genre. And now that you know which movie James Caan starred in with John Wayne, you can impress all your friends with your knowledge of classic Hollywood cinema!


To sum up, James Caan starred alongside John Wayne in the classic Western film “El Dorado.” Caan played Mississippi, a young cowboy who helps Wayne’s character and his friends stop a wealthy rancher from taking over a neighboring town. With its exciting plot and star-studded cast, “El Dorado” is definitely a must-see for any fan of Western movies.