What Kurosawa Movie Is Star Wars Based On?

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration for the beloved Star Wars franchise came from? It turns out that legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa played a major role in shaping the iconic space saga.

Many of Kurosawa’s films, particularly his samurai epics, heavily influenced George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars. In fact, Lucas has credited Kurosawa as one of his biggest inspirations for the franchise. But which Kurosawa movie specifically served as the basis for Star Wars?

The answer is none other than “The Hidden Fortress,” a 1958 film directed by Kurosawa himself. “The Hidden Fortress” tells the story of two bumbling peasants who get caught up in a war between two clans and end up helping a princess and a general smuggle their treasure through enemy lines.

Lucas was particularly drawn to the film’s use of wide shots and its focus on characters from lower social classes. The dynamic between the two peasants, Tahei and Matashichi, also served as a direct influence on C-3PO and R2-D2’s relationship in Star Wars.

In addition to “The Hidden Fortress,” other Kurosawa films such as “Yojimbo” and “Seven Samurai” also played a role in shaping certain aspects of Star Wars. For example, the character of Darth Vader bears resemblance to Toshiro Mifune’s character in “Yojimbo,” while the idea of assembling a team of warriors to fight against an oppressive force is central to both “Seven Samurai” and Star Wars.

It’s no secret that George Lucas was heavily influenced by Japanese cinema when creating Star Wars. By taking inspiration from classic films like “The Hidden Fortress,” Lucas was able to craft an epic space opera that has captured audiences’ hearts for over 40 years.

So next time you watch Star Wars, keep an eye out for any nods to Akira Kurosawa’s films. You might just find yourself appreciating the franchise even more.