What Is Video Quality 720p?

Video Quality 720p: Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever streamed a video online, you might have come across the term ‘720p’. But what does it mean? In this article, we will explore what video quality 720p is, how it works, and its advantages over other video qualities.

What is Video Quality 720p?

Video quality 720p refers to the resolution of a video. It means that the video has 1280 horizontal pixels and 720 vertical pixels.

The ‘p’ in 720p stands for progressive scan, which means that each line of the image is displayed one after another. This results in a smoother and clearer image than interlaced scanning.

How Does It Work?

When you watch a video with 720p quality, each frame comprises of over 900,000 pixels. These pixels are responsible for creating the image that you see on your screen. The more pixels there are, the sharper and more detailed the image will be.

To put it in perspective, imagine watching a movie on VHS tape or DVD with standard definition (SD) quality. The maximum resolution for SD is usually around 480 horizontal pixels and 360 vertical pixels. You can imagine that watching something in HD would be quite an improvement!

Advantages of Video Quality 720p

There are several advantages to watching videos with 720p quality:

  • Crisper Image: As mentioned earlier, the more pixels there are in an image, the sharper and clearer it will be. With over double the number of pixels as standard definition (SD), videos with a resolution of 720p provide a much crisper image.
  • Better Viewing Experience: Watching videos with high-quality visuals can make for a much better viewing experience than watching something with a lower resolution.

    With 720p quality, you can see more details and experience more vibrant colors.

  • Compatibility: Most modern devices support 720p quality, from smartphones to laptops to TVs. This means that you can easily watch videos with this resolution on various devices without any compatibility issues.


In conclusion, video quality 720p refers to the resolution of a video with 1280 horizontal pixels and 720 vertical pixels. It provides a much crisper image than standard definition, resulting in a better viewing experience. With its compatibility across various devices, it’s no wonder why many people prefer watching videos with this resolution.