What Is Video Camera for Phasmophobia?

If you’re an avid player of the popular horror game Phasmophobia, you may have come across the term “video camera” before. But what exactly is a video camera in Phasmophobia, and how does it work?

The Basics:
In Phasmophobia, a video camera is an essential tool for ghost hunting. It allows you to capture footage of potential paranormal activity in the game’s various haunted locations. You can use it to monitor an area from a safe distance or set it up in a room to capture any ghostly encounters that occur.

How to Use It:
To use a video camera in Phasmophobia, you first need to purchase one from the in-game store. Once you have it in your inventory, simply select it and place it on a tripod or mount it on a wall using the mouse buttons.

Once your video camera is set up, you can use it to monitor the area by pressing the right mouse button while holding the camera. This will switch your view to the camera’s feed, allowing you to see what’s happening from its perspective.

Why It’s Important:
Video cameras are especially useful in Phasmophobia because they allow you to gather evidence of paranormal activity without putting yourself at risk. By placing cameras in key locations throughout a haunted location, you’re able to gather valuable information about ghost behavior and movements.

Additionally, if you capture footage of any paranormal activity with your video camera, this will count as evidence towards identifying which type of ghost is haunting that particular location. This makes video cameras an essential tool for completing objectives and earning money during gameplay.

Tips for Using Video Cameras:
To get the most out of your video cameras in Phasmophobia, consider these tips:

  • Place cameras strategically: Try placing them at key points throughout a haunted location where activity has been reported before.
  • Use multiple cameras: Setting up multiple cameras in different angles can help you cover more ground and capture more evidence.
  • Monitor the feed regularly: Keep an eye on the camera feed regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important activity.

In Conclusion:
Overall, video cameras are an essential tool for any serious ghost hunter in Phasmophobia. By using them strategically and monitoring them regularly, you can gather valuable evidence of paranormal activity and complete objectives with ease. So if you’re new to the game or just looking to up your ghost hunting game, be sure to invest in a few video cameras and start gathering evidence today!