What Is the Scary Movie With the Black Family?

If you’re a horror movie fan, you may have heard about the scary movie with the black family that has been making waves in recent years. The movie that we’re referring to is “Get Out,” a 2017 horror film directed by Jordan Peele.

The Plot of Get Out

The movie revolves around Chris Washington, a young black man played by actor Daniel Kaluuya, who visits his white girlfriend’s family home for the first time. While there, he notices that something is not quite right with the other black people in the area.

They all seem to be acting strangely and are not themselves. As Chris investigates further, he uncovers a horrifying conspiracy that involves hypnosis and brain transplantation.

What Makes Get Out so Scary?

One of the main reasons why “Get Out” is so scary is because it deals with real-life issues such as racism and cultural appropriation. The film explores how these issues can manifest themselves in terrifying ways and how they can affect people’s lives both physically and psychologically.

The film also plays on classic horror movie tropes such as jump scares and suspenseful music to keep viewers on edge throughout the entire film. Additionally, Peele’s use of symbolism such as deer imagery and references to slavery adds an extra layer of depth to the already complex storyline.

The Impact of Get Out

“Get Out” has had a significant impact on both the horror movie genre and society as a whole. The film has won numerous awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, making Peele the first black screenwriter to win this award.

The success of “Get Out” has also led to more representation of people of color in horror movies, which was previously lacking in the genre. This increased representation helps to diversify storytelling and bring new perspectives into mainstream media.


In conclusion, “Get Out” is a scary movie that explores real-life issues such as racism and cultural appropriation in a unique and terrifying way. The film’s impact on the horror genre and society as a whole cannot be understated, and it remains a must-watch for horror movie fans.