What Is the Scary Doll Movie?

The scary doll movie genre has been a staple in horror movies for decades. These movies often feature dolls that possess a sinister presence and seem to have a life of their own. The fear of dolls is known as pediophobia, which is the irrational and intense fear of dolls.


Dolls have been around for centuries, and they were initially designed to resemble human figures. Early dolls were made out of materials like clay, wood, and stone. But as time went on, dolls started being made out of materials like porcelain, cloth, and plastic.

The first scary doll movie was Dead of Night, which was released in 1945. This British horror anthology film featured a segment called “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy,” which told the story of a ventriloquist who becomes possessed by his dummy. This segment is widely regarded as the first-ever scary doll movie.

Classic Scary Doll Movies

There have been many classic scary doll movies over the years that have left audiences terrified. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Child’s Play: This 1988 movie tells the story of a young boy whose doll becomes possessed by a serial killer.
  • Puppet Master: Released in 1989, this movie features a group of puppets that are brought to life by an Egyptian spell.
  • Dolly Dearest: This 1991 movie follows a family who moves into an old house with an ancient Mayan doll that has supernatural powers.

These movies capitalized on people’s fears of dolls and created iconic characters like Chucky from Child’s Play.

Modern Scary Doll Movies

Scary doll movies are still being made today, with new ones being released every year. Some of the more recent ones include:

  • Annabelle: This 2014 movie is a spin-off of the popular horror franchise, The Conjuring. It tells the story of a couple who come into possession of a doll that is possessed by an evil spirit.
  • The Boy: Released in 2016, this movie is about a young woman who is hired to be a nanny for a family’s son, only to find out that the son is actually a doll.
  • Brahms: The Boy II: This 2020 movie is a sequel to The Boy and follows a family who moves into the Heelshire Mansion and discovers Brahms, the possessed doll from the first movie.

These movies continue to terrify audiences and keep the scary doll movie genre alive.


The scary doll movie genre has been around for decades and has created some of horror’s most iconic characters. From Chucky to Annabelle, these movies prey on people’s fears of dolls and create terrifying stories that stay with audiences long after they’ve left the theater. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that scary doll movies are here to stay.