What Is the Old Video Camera Called?

If you’re a fan of vintage movies or classic TV shows, you may be wondering what the old video camera used to shoot those productions was called. Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll discuss the history of video cameras and what the first models were called.

History of Video Cameras

The history of video cameras dates back to the 1950s when they were first invented. The first video camera was a two-inch-wide device that weighed over 70 pounds! This camera was used to capture black and white images and had a lens that needed to be manually focused.

Over time, video cameras became more advanced and smaller in size. By the 1970s, handheld video cameras were introduced, making it easier for people to capture footage on the go. These cameras were still quite bulky by today’s standards but much more portable than their predecessors.

The First Video Camera

The first video camera ever made is called the Ampex VRX-1000. It was created in 1956 by Ampex Corporation and was used to record live television broadcasts. This camera was so large that it had to be mounted on a tripod and required two people to operate it – one person would handle the recording while another would control the camera’s movement.

Features of the Ampex VRX-1000

The Ampex VRX-1000 had several features that made it revolutionary at the time. For starters, it could record up to one hour of footage on a single reel-to-reel tape. It also featured an electronic viewfinder which allowed operators to see what they were filming while recording.

Another impressive feature was its ability to play back footage instantly after recording. This may not seem like a big deal now when we can instantly review footage on our smartphones, but at the time, this feature was groundbreaking!


So, what is the old video camera called? The first video camera ever made is known as the Ampex VRX-1000.

It was an incredibly innovative piece of technology for its time and paved the way for future video cameras. While we’ve come a long way since then, it’s important to remember the impact that this first video camera had on the film and television industry.