What Is the Number One Scary Movie on Netflix?

Are you a horror movie enthusiast looking for a good scare? With so many options on Netflix, it can be overwhelming to choose. But fear not, we’ve done the research and found the number one scary movie on Netflix that will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

Drumroll please..

The number one scary movie on Netflix is none other than “The Conjuring” (2013).

What is “The Conjuring”?

“The Conjuring” is a supernatural horror film directed by James Wan and inspired by real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The story follows the Perron family as they move into their new home in rural Rhode Island, only to discover that it’s haunted by a malevolent presence. The Warrens are called in to help the family and investigate the haunting, leading to a terrifying battle with demonic forces.

Why is it so scary?

“The Conjuring” is widely regarded as one of the scariest movies of all time due to its expertly crafted suspense and atmosphere. The film builds tension slowly, leaving audiences on edge until the terrifying climax.

Wan’s use of practical effects and minimal CGI adds to the realism of the scares, making them all the more effective. Additionally, the film’s based-on-a-true-story premise only adds to its chilling nature.

Other Scary Movies Worth Mentioning

If you’ve already watched “The Conjuring” or are looking for something different, here are some other scary movies worth checking out on Netflix:

  • “Hereditary” (2018) – A family tragedy spirals into madness as secrets are revealed.
  • “A Quiet Place” (2018) – A family must stay silent to avoid monsters that hunt by sound.
  • “The Babadook” (2014) – A single mother and her son are terrorized by a mysterious creature from a children’s book.

So dim the lights, grab your popcorn, and get ready for a frightful night with “The Conjuring” or any of these other scary movies on Netflix.