What Is the Next Star Trek Movie?

The Star Trek franchise has been a beloved part of popular culture for decades, with countless movies and TV shows exploring the final frontier. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news on the next installment in the film series, and there’s plenty of speculation about what the future holds.

What we know so far

Despite rumors swirling around for years, there hasn’t been any concrete information about a new Star Trek movie until recently. In April 2021, it was announced that a brand-new film was in development, with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company at the helm.

The creative team

While it’s still early days in terms of casting and plot details, we do know that the new Star Trek movie will be directed by Matt Shakman. Shakman is best known for his work on hit TV shows like Game of Thrones and WandaVision, so he’s no stranger to working on high-profile projects.

The plot

As for what fans can expect from the story itself, little information has been released so far. However, rumors suggest that this new film will be separate from the current Kelvin timeline established in Abrams’ previous Star Trek movies. This means that it could be a fresh start for the franchise, with new characters and settings to explore.

What fans are hoping for

Of course, fans have their own wishlists when it comes to what they want to see in the next Star Trek movie. Some are hoping for more exploration of classic characters like Captain Kirk or Spock, while others want to see entirely new crews and ships take center stage.

New adventures

One thing most fans can agree on is that they want to see more bold and exciting adventures in this new movie. Whether it’s exploring uncharted planets or facing off against dangerous alien threats, there’s no shortage of potential storylines for the Star Trek universe.

Classic themes

At the same time, many fans hope that the new movie will stay true to the core themes that have made Star Trek so enduring over the years. These include concepts like diversity, cooperation, and exploration, which have been central to the franchise since its inception.


While we may not know all the details about the next Star Trek movie just yet, one thing is clear: there’s plenty of excitement and anticipation surrounding this new project. With a talented creative team at the helm and a rich universe full of potential, fans can’t wait to see where this latest adventure will take them.