What Is the New Star Wars Movie on Disney Plus?

The Star Wars universe has always been a fan favorite since it first hit the big screen in 1977. The franchise has grown to include multiple movies, TV shows, and even theme parks. Now, Disney Plus has added a new installment to the Star Wars saga with their latest release – “The Bad Batch”.

What is “The Bad Batch”?

“The Bad Batch” is an animated series that premiered on Disney Plus on May 4th, 2021. It follows a group of elite clones known as the Bad Batch who were introduced in the final season of “The Clone Wars”. The series takes place after the events of “Order 66”, which saw the Jedi being hunted down and killed by their own clone army.

Who are the Bad Batch?

The Bad Batch is a group of five clones who are genetically different from their fellow soldiers. They possess unique abilities that make them invaluable assets to the Republic’s army. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo all have distinct personalities and skills that make them stand out from each other.


Hunter is the leader of the group and possesses enhanced senses that allow him to track Targets with ease. He also has exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills.


Wrecker is the muscle of the team and has incredible strength that allows him to take down enemies with ease.


Tech is the tech-savvy member who uses his knowledge to hack into systems and gather information.


Crosshair is an expert marksman who never misses his Target. He’s known for his precision and accuracy.


Echo is a former ARC Trooper who was thought to be dead but was later rescued by the Bad Batch. He has cybernetic enhancements that give him advanced hacking abilities.

What can we expect from “The Bad Batch”?

“The Bad Batch” promises to deliver action-packed episodes filled with adventure and excitement. The series will explore the aftermath of “Order 66” and how it affects the galaxy. Fans can expect to see appearances from familiar characters such as Fennec Shand, who was introduced in “The Mandalorian”, and Saw Gerrera, who made his first appearance in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.


“The Bad Batch” is a new addition to the Star Wars universe that promises to bring fans back into the action-packed world of the franchise. With its unique characters and exciting storyline, it’s definitely worth checking out on Disney Plus.