What Is the Most Basic Cut in Video Editing?

Video editing is an essential part of the post-production process in filmmaking and content creation. It involves selecting and manipulating video shots to create a coherent and engaging story.

One of the most basic cuts in video editing is the ‘cut’ or ‘straight cut.’ This cut involves transitioning from one shot to another without any special effects or transitions.

What is a Cut?

A cut is a transition from one shot to another, where one shot ends, and another begins. It’s the simplest form of transition in video editing, and it’s used extensively to create a seamless flow of shots. The cut can be used to create a logical progression of shots or to create contrast between different shots.

The Straight Cut

The straight cut, also known as a hard cut, is the most basic type of cut in video editing. It involves cutting from one shot to another without any transition effects or filters. The straight cut is often used to signify a change in location, time, or perspective.

How to do a Straight Cut?

To perform a straight cut, you need two clips that you want to edit together. You can import your clips into your editing software and drag them onto your timeline. Place the first clip on your timeline, followed by the second clip right after it.

Select the point where you want your first clip to end and your second clip to begin. This point is called an ‘edit point.’ You can use the razor tool or press S on your keyboard to split the first clip at this edit point.

Delete the part of your first clip after the edit point by selecting it and pressing delete on your keyboard. This will create a gap between your two clips.

Drag your second clip over this gap and align it with your first clip’s end. Your straight cut is now complete!

When should you use Straight Cuts?

Straight cuts are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. You can use them to create a sense of continuity between shots or to create contrast between different shots. Straight cuts are perfect for fast-paced action scenes or when you need to convey information quickly.


The straight cut is the most basic cut in video editing, and it’s an essential technique that every editor should master. It’s a simple yet effective way to transition from one shot to another without any distractions. With the right timing and creative choices, straight cuts can help you create a compelling story that engages your audience.