What Is the Least Scary Horror Movie Ever?

Are you someone who loves horror movies but can’t handle the jump scares and gore? Do you find yourself constantly searching for the least scary horror movie ever made? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

The Babadook

Released in 2014, “The Babadook” is a psychological horror movie that tells the story of a single mother struggling to raise her son alone. The movie has a slow burn approach and focuses more on the emotional depth of the characters rather than cheap scares.

The Babadook itself may be creepy-looking, but it’s not overly terrifying. The film’s real horror comes from its themes of grief and mental illness, making it a thought-provoking and haunting watch.

Shaun of the Dead

This 2004 British comedy-horror movie is a perfect blend of humor and zombie apocalypse. Directed by Edgar Wright, “Shaun of the Dead” tells the story of Shaun, an aimless salesman who finds himself caught up in a zombie outbreak.

The film’s humor is witty and cleverly written, while its horror elements are more comedic than scary. Overall, “Shaun of the Dead” is a fun watch that won’t leave you too scared to sleep at night.

The Addams Family

If you’re looking for something family-friendly that still fits into the horror genre, look no further than “The Addams Family.” Released in 1991, this classic movie follows the lives of eccentric gothic family members – Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams, Uncle Fester, Wednesday Addams and Pugsley Addams – as they navigate through their daily lives while dealing with outsiders who do not understand their lifestyle. While there are some spooky elements to this film (like Thing), it’s ultimately more funny than frightening.


So there you have it, three options for the least scary horror movie ever. Whether you prefer a slow-burn psychological thriller, a comedic zombie movie, or a family-friendly classic, there’s something for everyone in the world of horror movies. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a spooky (but not too spooky) night of movie-watching.