What Is the First Pup Star Movie?

If you’re a fan of musical films and cute puppies, then you’re in for a treat with the “Pup Star” movie franchise. The first installment of the series is simply titled “Pup Star” and was released in 2016. This family-friendly film follows the story of a small-town pup named Tiny who dreams of becoming a singing sensation.


The movie takes place in a world where dogs can talk and compete in singing competitions. Tiny, voiced by Kaitlyn Maher, is a Yorkshire Terrier who lives with her owner Lou (Makenzie Moss). Despite her small size, Tiny has big dreams of becoming a famous singer just like her idol, Bark (George Newbern).

One day, Tiny sneaks away from home to audition for the popular singing competition show “Pup Star.” She ends up impressing the judges and making it to the final rounds of the competition. However, things take an unexpected turn when she is dog-napped by two sneaky henchmen hired by her rival Bark’s conniving manager.


Aside from Tiny and Lou, there are many other lovable characters in the film. The judges of “Pup Star” include a tough but fair bulldog named Dog Gnarly (Jorge Diaz), an eccentric poodle named Lady Paw Paw (Susan Blakeslee), and a former champion dog turned grumpy critic named Roland (David DeLuise).

Tiny also meets other contestants such as Trixie (Mackenzie Sol), a fashionable Shih Tzu who becomes her friend and supporter throughout the competition. And let’s not forget about Charlie (Brian Hull), an adorable Pomeranian who serves as Tiny’s love interest.


Of course, being a musical film, “Pup Star” features plenty of catchy tunes that will have you tapping your feet and singing along. The soundtrack includes original songs such as “Higher,” “A Dog’s Life,” and “Pup Star.”


In conclusion, “Pup Star” is a fun and heartwarming film that’s perfect for the whole family. It’s a feel-good underdog story (or under-pup, in this case) with plenty of humor, music, and adorable doggy characters. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to add it to your watchlist – you won’t be disappointed!