What Is the Cats Name in Scary Movie?

If you are a fan of the hit comedy-horror movie franchise, Scary Movie, you might have noticed the presence of a furry feline character in some of its installments. The cat has made several appearances throughout the series, and it’s natural to wonder what its name is.

Unfortunately, there is no official name for the cat in Scary Movie. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about this lovable character and its significance in the films.

The Cat in Scary Movie

The first Scary Movie was released back in 2000, and it parodied popular horror movies of that time like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. The film follows a group of high school students as they are stalked by a masked killer. Throughout the movie, viewers are introduced to numerous characters, including a cute little kitty.

The Role of the Cat

The cat appears in several scenes throughout the movie series with no real relevance to the plot. In most cases, it is used to create comedic relief in tense or scary moments by appearing out of nowhere or doing something unexpected. Its presence adds an element of lightheartedness to otherwise dark scenes.

Various Appearances

In Scary Movie 2, the cat has a more prominent role where it becomes possessed by a demon and terrorizes one of the main characters named Brenda (played by Regina Hall). In this particular scene, we see the cat walking on its hind legs while speaking in a demonic voice – definitely not your typical house pet behavior!


Although we don’t know what the cat’s name is in Scary Movie, we can appreciate its contribution to creating laughter and entertainment for viewers. Its sporadic appearances throughout various installments add an element of surprise and hilarity to the movies, making them all the more enjoyable to watch.

  • Fun Fact: The cat in Scary Movie is played by several different cats of the same breed – a Himalayan Persian.

So if you’re ever wondering what the cat’s name is in Scary Movie, don’t fret too much. Instead, sit back and enjoy the hilarity that this feline character adds to the films.