What Is the Butlers Name in Scary Movie 2?

If you’re a horror movie buff, you must have watched Scary Movie 2. This movie is a parody of various horror movies and has its fair share of humor and scares.

One of the most memorable characters in the movie is the butler. He adds to the comic relief and mystery of the movie. But the question on everyone’s mind is – what is the butler’s name in Scary Movie 2?

The butler’s name in Scary Movie 2 is Hanson. He is played by actor Chris Elliott.

Hanson is a peculiar character with his creepy smile, odd behavior, and eerie presence. He works for Professor Oldman, who owns Hell House – a haunted mansion where a group of college students go to spend a weekend.

Hanson is introduced as a creepy butler who welcomes the students to Hell House. He shows them around and gives them instructions on how to behave in the mansion. However, as the story progresses, we learn that Hanson has secrets of his own.

One of the most memorable scenes in Scary Movie 2 involving Hanson is when he serves dinner to the students. The food served looks disgusting, and Hanson’s behavior makes it even worse.

The tension builds up until one of the students asks him about his hand, which appears to be deformed. The scene ends with Hanson revealing his deformed hand and scaring everyone at the dinner table.

Another notable scene involving Hanson is when he tells Cindy Campbell (played by Anna Faris) about how he lost his virginity to a ghost in Hell House. This scene adds to his mysterious character and makes him even more intriguing.

In conclusion, the butler’s name in Scary Movie 2 is Hanson, played by Chris Elliott. He adds an element of mystery and comic relief to an already hilarious parody of horror movies. With his peculiar behavior and creepy presence, Hanson has become one of the most memorable characters in the movie.