What Is Scary Movie 5 a Spoof Of?

If you’re a fan of horror movies and spoofs, chances are you’ve heard of Scary Movie 5. This 2013 comedy film is actually a spoof of several popular horror movies and pop culture phenomena. Let’s take a closer look at what Scary Movie 5 is a spoof of.

Horror Movies

As you may have guessed, the primary Targets of Scary Movie 5’s satire are horror movies themselves. The film takes aim at several iconic horror franchises, including Paranormal Activity, The Ring, and Black Swan.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is a parody of the opening scene from Paranormal Activity. In this scene, we see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan playing exaggerated versions of themselves as they attempt to get intimate while being haunted by supernatural forces.

Another notable spoof is that of The Ring. In this scene, we see Ashley Tisdale’s character watching a cursed videotape that promises to kill her in seven days. However, instead of the creepy girl crawling out of the TV screen, we get an unexpected cameo from Snoop Dogg.

Pop Culture

In addition to horror movies, Scary Movie 5 also takes aim at various pop culture phenomena. One such Target is the reality show Dance Moms. In one scene, we see a group of young dancers performing for their demanding instructor (played by Molly Shannon) while Tisdale’s character tries to fit in with them.

The movie also spoofs the rise of social media influencers and reality TV stars with a character named Kendra Brooks (played by Erica Ash). Kendra is depicted as an airhead who will do anything for fame and followers on Instagram.


In conclusion, Scary Movie 5 is a hilarious spoof that takes aim at both horror movies and pop culture phenomena. Whether you’re a fan of the movies being parodied or just looking for a good laugh, this film is sure to deliver. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be scared and amused all at once.