What Is Live Video Editing?

Live video editing is the process of altering and adjusting a video in real-time while it’s being recorded or streamed. This technology has revolutionized the way we create and consume video content, allowing us to produce high-quality videos on the fly.

Why is live video editing important?

Live video editing is essential for any producer or content creator who wants to produce high-quality videos that are engaging and professional. With live video editing, you can add elements such as graphics, special effects, transitions, and text overlays to your videos in real-time. You can also adjust color correction, audio levels, and other settings during the recording process.

How does live video editing work?

Live video editing is made possible by software that allows you to capture footage from multiple cameras and sources simultaneously. This software then gives you the ability to switch between different camera angles and sources while recording or streaming.

One of the most popular software for live video editing is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). OBS allows you to capture footage from multiple sources such as webcams, microphones, desktop screens, and more. You can then use its built-in tools to switch between these sources and add graphic overlays to your videos.

Benefits of Live Video Editing

There are numerous benefits of using live video editing in your production workflow. Here are some key advantages:

  • Real-Time Adjustments: With live video editing, you can make adjustments to your videos in real-time while recording or streaming.
  • Better Quality: By using multiple cameras and sources simultaneously, you can capture higher quality footage that looks more professional.
  • Engaging Content: Adding graphic overlays and other visual elements makes your content more engaging for viewers.
  • Faster Turnaround: Live video editing allows you to produce videos faster and with less post-production work.


Live video editing is an essential technology for any content creator or producer who wants to produce high-quality videos that are engaging, professional, and produced quickly. With the right tools and software, anyone can incorporate live video editing into their production workflow to achieve these benefits.