What Is Dissolve in Video Editing?

Dissolve in video editing is a transition effect that gradually fades out one video clip as it simultaneously fades in the next. This technique creates a smooth transition between two clips and is commonly used to signify a change of time, location, or mood in a video.

How Does Dissolve Work?

The dissolve effect works by overlapping two clips and adjusting their opacity levels. As one clip becomes more transparent, the other clip becomes more visible until it completely replaces the first clip. The process is reversed for the second clip, which gradually fades out as the first clip becomes more visible.

Using Dissolve

To use dissolve in your video editing project, simply drag and drop the transition effect onto the timeline between two clips. Then adjust the duration of the dissolve to your desired length. Typically, dissolves last between 1-2 seconds but can vary depending on your project’s needs.

Types of Dissolve

There are different types of dissolves that you can use to achieve different effects in your videos.

Cross Dissolve

Cross dissolve is the most common type of dissolve that creates a smooth transition between two clips by blending them together. This type of dissolve is typically used for general transitions.

Dip to Black/White

Dip to black/white is another type of dissolve that fades out one clip into complete darkness or whiteness before fading in the next clip. This type of dissolve is commonly used at the end or beginning of a scene to signify a change in time or location.

Iris Dissolve

Iris dissolve creates an effect similar to an iris opening or closing, revealing or hiding a new image within a circle or oval shape. This type of effect can be used for creative transitions, such as moving from one scene to another with similar colors or shapes.


In conclusion, dissolve is a popular transitional effect in video editing that can be used to create smooth and seamless transitions between two clips. By understanding the different types of dissolves and how to use them, you can add a professional touch to your videos and improve the overall viewing experience for your audience.