What Is AGC on Video Camera?

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is a feature that is commonly found on video cameras. It is an essential component that aids in producing high-quality videos with the correct audio levels.

What is AGC?
AGC is a circuit that automatically adjusts the audio level of the microphone in response to changes in sound. It amplifies or attenuates the incoming signal to maintain a consistent output level. This feature can be found on almost all video cameras, from professional to consumer-grade.

How does AGC work?
When recording, AGC measures the volume of sound picked up by the microphone and adjusts it accordingly. If there is a loud noise, such as a sudden shout, AGC will lower the audio gain to prevent distortion. On the other hand, if there are quiet moments, like someone whispering, AGC will increase the gain to ensure that it’s audible.

Pros and Cons of using AGC
AGC has both benefits and drawbacks when used in video production.


  • Automatic adjustment of audio levels
  • Reduces distortion caused by clipping
  • Saves time for users who are not familiar with manual audio adjustments


  • Can result in background noise being amplified along with desired sound
  • Sudden changes in loudness may cause noticeable shifts in audio quality
  • Inconsistent audio levels during recording can be jarring and difficult to edit later on.

When should you use AGC?

AGC is an excellent option for those who are new to videography and don’t have much experience with manual audio adjustments. It can also be useful when shooting dynamic scenes where people or objects move around a lot, and the audio levels might fluctuate. However, for more controlled environments, such as interviews or studio settings, it is recommended to use manual audio adjustments to achieve optimal audio quality.


AGC is a feature that can be helpful in certain situations but may not always provide the best results. Understanding its strengths and weaknesses can help videographers decide when it’s appropriate to use AGC. With this knowledge, one can create videos with high-quality sound that meets the needs of their project.