What Is a Ripple Delete in Video Editing?

Are you into video editing? Then you must have come across a term called “ripple delete”. In this article, we will explain what exactly a ripple delete is and how it works in video editing.

What is Ripple Delete?

Ripple delete is a technique that allows you to remove one or more clips from your timeline without leaving any gaps. When you delete a clip using ripple delete, all the following clips will automatically move up to fill the gap created by the deleted clip. This creates a ripple effect, hence the name “ripple delete”.

Why Use Ripple Delete?

Ripple delete can be useful in several situations. For instance, if you want to remove an unwanted segment from your video timeline, you can use ripple delete to instantly close the gap created by that segment without manually adjusting each subsequent clip.

Another situation where ripple delete can come in handy is when you want to adjust the length of your project. By using ripple delete, you can easily remove entire sections of your video without having to worry about filling in gaps.

How Does Ripple Delete Work?

To use ripple delete, simply select the clip or clips that you want to remove from your timeline and press the “delete” key on your keyboard. Depending on your video editing software, there may be other ways to access this feature.

Once you have deleted the selected clip(s), all following clips will automatically move up to fill in any gaps left behind. This creates a seamless transition between adjacent clips and ensures that your project remains smooth and professional-looking.

Benefits of Ripple Delete

The primary benefit of using ripple delete is that it saves time and effort when editing your videos. Rather than manually adjusting each subsequent clip after deleting one or more segments, ripple delete makes it easy to close gaps with just one click.

Additionally, using ripple delete helps ensure that there are no gaps or overlaps in your video project. This can be important for maintaining the flow and continuity of your video, especially if you’re working on a complex project with multiple scenes and transitions.


In conclusion, ripple delete is a simple yet powerful tool that can make video editing easier and more efficient. By using ripple delete to remove unwanted clips from your timeline, you can save time and ensure that your project remains smooth and professional-looking. So next time you’re editing a video, give ripple delete a try and see how it can simplify your workflow!