What Is a Full Spectrum Video Camera?

A full spectrum video camera is a device that captures light from the entire electromagnetic spectrum, as opposed to just visible light that normal cameras capture. These cameras are used for various purposes, including scientific research, paranormal investigations, and even filmmaking.

How Does It Work?

Full spectrum cameras are equipped with sensors that can detect ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. These sensors capture the entire range of light wavelengths and convert them into digital signals that can be processed by a computer or electronic device. The result is a video or image that shows the subject in all its spectral glory.

Applications of Full Spectrum Cameras

One of the most common applications of full spectrum cameras is in scientific research. For example, astronomers use these cameras to capture images of celestial objects that emit various types of radiation beyond what is visible to the human eye.

Another application of full spectrum cameras is in paranormal investigations. Believers in ghosts and other supernatural phenomena use these cameras to capture images and videos of entities that are said to exist beyond the range of visible light.

Filmmakers have also started using full spectrum cameras to create unique visual effects in their films. By capturing scenes using different wavelengths of light, they can create surreal and otherworldly images that add an extra layer of depth to their films.

Types of Full Spectrum Cameras

There are several types of full spectrum cameras available in the market today. Some come with interchangeable filters that allow users to switch between different wavelengths based on their requirements. Others come with built-in filters that offer a fixed range of spectral sensitivity.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) camera: These cameras are sensitive to ultraviolet light (100-400 nm) and can capture images or videos in this wavelength range.
  • Infrared (IR) camera: These cameras are sensitive to infrared light (700-1200 nm) and can capture images or videos in this wavelength range.
  • Full Spectrum Camera: These cameras capture a wide range of wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared, making them ideal for scientific research and paranormal investigations.


Full spectrum cameras are powerful tools that offer unique insight into the world around us. Whether you’re a scientist, a paranormal investigator, or a filmmaker, these cameras can help you capture images and videos that are beyond the realm of normal human perception. With their ability to capture light from across the electromagnetic spectrum, full spectrum cameras are set to revolutionize the way we see and understand the world.