What Is a Fisheye Video Camera?

If you’re into photography or videography, you may have heard of a fisheye lens. But have you ever heard of a fisheye video camera? In this article, we’ll explore what a fisheye video camera is, and how it differs from a regular video camera.

What is a Fisheye Lens?

Before we dive into what a fisheye video camera is, let’s first understand what a fisheye lens is. A fisheye lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens that can capture a 180-degree field of view or even more. This results in a distorted image that resembles the visual effect of looking through a fishbowl or peephole.

What Does a Fisheye Lens Look Like?

A photo or video taken with a fisheye lens typically has exaggerated curves and bends at the edges, making straight lines appear curved. The center of the image remains relatively distortion-free.

What are Fisheye Lenses Used For?

Fisheye lenses are often used in creative photography and videography to add an unusual perspective to images and videos. They’re also commonly used in sports photography and action videography to capture wide-angle shots that show the entire scene.

What Is A Fisheye Video Camera?

Now that we’ve covered what a fisheye lens is let’s talk about what makes up a fisheye video camera. Simply put, it’s a video camera that’s equipped with a built-in fisheye lens.

How Does A Fisheye Video Camera Work?

A fisheye video camera works by using an ultra-wide-angle lens mounted onto the front of the camera body. The lens distorts the image captured by the sensor and creates the fish-eye effect seen in the final video.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fisheye Video Camera?

Fisheye video cameras are great for capturing wide-angle shots, especially in tight spaces. They’re also useful for creating a unique look and feel to your videos. Additionally, fisheye lenses can help create a sense of depth and add drama to your shots.


In conclusion, a fisheye video camera is a specialized type of camera that’s equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens that can capture a 180-degree field of view or more. These cameras are commonly used in creative photography and videography to capture unique perspectives and add visual interest to images and videos. If you’re looking to experiment with your videography, then using a fisheye video camera may be just what you need.