What Happens in the Sun Is Also a Star Movie?

The Sun is Also a Star is a movie adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s bestselling young adult novel. The film follows the story of two young adults who meet and fall in love over the course of one day.

Natasha Kingsley, played by Yara Shahidi, is a Jamaican immigrant living in New York City with her family. She is faced with the imminent deportation of her family due to their undocumented status. Daniel Bae, played by Charles Melton, is a Korean-American who has always lived under the shadow of his parents’ expectations for his future.

The Plot
The movie takes place over the span of one day and follows Natasha and Daniel as they meet by chance and spend time together exploring New York City. Despite their vastly different backgrounds and beliefs, they quickly develop a connection that grows stronger throughout the day. However, their time together is limited due to Natasha’s impending deportation and Daniel’s pre-arranged interview for Dartmouth College.

As they navigate their feelings for each other and the obstacles that stand in their way, the film explores themes such as fate, love, family dynamics, cultural identity, and immigration issues. The Sun Is Also a Star offers an insightful commentary on how different cultures interweave in modern-day America.

The Cast
The lead roles of Natasha Kingsley and Daniel Bae are portrayed by Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton respectively. The chemistry between these two actors on-screen makes for an engaging watch as they effortlessly bring these complex characters to life.

Other notable cast members include Jake Choi as Charlie Bae (Daniel’s brother), Gbenga Akinnagbe as Samuel Kingsley (Natasha’s father), and Miriam A. Hyman as Patricia Kingsley (Natasha’s mother).

The Direction
The movie was directed by Ry Russo-Young, who did an excellent job of capturing the essence of Nicola Yoon’s novel. Russo-Young manages to balance the romance and dramatic elements of the story without losing sight of the film’s core themes.

The Visuals
The cinematography in The Sun is Also a Star is stunning. The film captures the vibrancy and diversity of New York City, showcasing its beauty and chaos through Natasha and Daniel’s eyes. The use of vibrant colors and unique camera angles make the movie visually engaging, adding to its overall appeal.

The Verdict
The Sun is Also a Star is a beautifully crafted movie that will leave you feeling both hopeful and heartbroken. It is an excellent adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s novel, with strong performances from its two lead actors, Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton.

The film offers a poignant commentary on immigration, cultural differences, family dynamics, and young love. Its themes are relevant now more than ever, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a touching story that reflects the world we live in today.

Overall, The Sun is Also a Star is an excellent movie that will leave you feeling both moved and inspired. It is definitely worth checking out!