What Happened to the Clown in Scary Movie?

The clown in Scary Movie has been a topic of discussion among horror movie fans for years. Many people wonder what happened to the clown and why it was included in the film at all.

The backstory of the clown

In Scary Movie, the clown is first introduced during a scene where one of the characters, Cindy, is babysitting. The clown is a toy that comes to life and attacks Cindy, causing her to flee the house in terror.

Why was the clown included?

The inclusion of the clown in Scary Movie was a nod to other horror films that feature evil toys or dolls. Some examples include Chucky from Child’s Play and Annabelle from The Conjuring. The filmmakers wanted to pay homage to these classic horror tropes while also adding their own twist.

What happened to the clown?

After its initial appearance, the clown is not seen again until later in the film when it attacks one of the main characters, Brenda. However, after this scene, the fate of the clown is left unknown. It is never explained what happened to it or if it will appear again in future Scary Movie sequels.

The legacy of the Scary Movie franchise

Despite not knowing what happened to the clown specifically, Scary Movie went on to become a successful franchise with multiple sequels. The films continued to parody popular horror movies and tropes while also adding their own unique humor.


In conclusion, while we may never know exactly what happened to the clown in Scary Movie, its inclusion was a clever nod to classic horror tropes and helped establish the film as a successful parody franchise. Whether we will see more of the creepy toy in future installments remains to be seen.