What Happened to Flip Video Camera?

In the early 2000s, the Flip video camera was all the rage. It was a pocket-sized device that allowed users to easily capture and share videos with family and friends.

However, in 2011, Cisco Systems, the company that owned Flip, announced they would be discontinuing the product line. So what happened to the Flip video camera?

The Rise of Flip Video Camera

Before we dive into why Flip was discontinued, let’s take a look at how it became so popular in the first place. The Flip video camera was introduced in 2006 by Pure Digital Technologies. It was a simple device that could record up to 60 minutes of video and had a built-in USB port for easy uploading and sharing.

What made the Flip so appealing was its ease of use. It was small enough to fit in your pocket, had a simple interface, and could quickly upload videos to popular sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook.

The Acquisition by Cisco Systems

In March 2009, Cisco Systems acquired Pure Digital Technologies for $590 million. At the time, many people were surprised by this move since Cisco was primarily known for producing networking equipment.

However, Cisco saw an opportunity in the growing trend of online video sharing and believed that owning the popular Flip camera would give them an edge in this space.

The Discontinuation of Flip Video Camera

So why did Cisco decide to discontinue such a popular product? There are several reasons.

Firstly, smartphones were becoming more prevalent and their cameras were improving rapidly. Many people began using their smartphones to capture videos instead of carrying around a separate device like the Flip.

Secondly, competition in the market had increased significantly since the introduction of the Flip. Other companies like Sony and Kodak had released similar devices that were also gaining popularity.

Finally, after acquiring Pure Digital Technologies, Cisco began to shift its focus away from consumer products and towards enterprise networking solutions. The Flip, as a consumer-facing product, no longer aligned with Cisco’s new direction.

The Legacy of Flip Video Camera

Although the Flip video camera was discontinued, its impact on the world of online video sharing cannot be ignored. It helped to popularize the idea of easily capturing and sharing videos online, paving the way for platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Additionally, the success of the Flip showed that there was a market for simple, easy-to-use video cameras. Companies like GoPro and DJI have since taken this concept and applied it to action cameras and drones.


In conclusion, while it’s sad to see such a popular product like the Flip video camera discontinued, it’s important to remember its contributions to the world of online video sharing. Its legacy lives on in the devices we use today and in the memories captured by those who used it.