What Happened to Cindy and George in Scary Movie 4?

In Scary Movie 4, Cindy and George are the main characters who find themselves in a series of terrifying situations. The movie is a parody of various horror movies, and it includes references to films like War of the Worlds, Saw, and The Grudge.

Who are Cindy and George?

Cindy is a young woman who becomes involved in a series of supernatural events. She is played by actress Anna Faris.

George is her husband, who is also caught up in the strange occurrences. He is played by actor Craig Bierko.

What happens to Cindy and George in Scary Movie 4?

The movie begins with Cindy traveling to a farmhouse where strange things have been happening. She meets Tom (Charlie Sheen), an eccentric farmer who tells her about crop circles that have appeared on his land. Soon after arriving at the farm, Cindy starts experiencing bizarre events.

One night, while Cindy and George are sleeping, they are awakened by strange noises outside their bedroom window. They investigate and find that there is a possessed girl outside their house. They try to help her but end up getting attacked by her instead.

Throughout the movie, Cindy and George encounter various paranormal activities including alien invasions, ghostly hauntings, and murderous puppets. They must fight for their survival while trying to uncover the mystery behind all the strange happenings.


Although Scary Movie 4 can be quite scary at times, it’s also full of hilarious moments that keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. Fans of horror movies will appreciate the numerous references to classic films throughout the movie.

If you haven’t seen Scary Movie 4 yet, be prepared for a wild ride full of scares and laughs!