What Episode of the Simpsons Does Ned Date a Movie Star?

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you might recall the episode where Ned Flanders dates a movie star. This episode, titled “The Blunder Years,” is from the show’s 13th season and originally aired on May 5th, 2002.

The Plot

In this episode, Homer Simpson remembers a time from his childhood when he accidentally ruined his family’s vacation. He recounts the events to his family and we see flashbacks from when he was a young boy.

During one of these flashbacks, we see that Ned Flanders was dating a famous actress named Sara Sloane. Ned is enamored with her glamorous lifestyle and enjoys going on dates with her to fancy restaurants and movie premieres.

Ned’s Struggle

While Ned is happy with Sara, he also struggles with the fact that she lives in a completely different world than he does. He feels out of place at events and eventually realizes that he can’t keep up with her lifestyle.

Ned decides to break up with Sara, who is upset but ultimately understanding. In the end, Homer learns an important lesson about forgiveness and the family reconciles over their ruined vacation.

Why This Episode Stands Out

This episode stands out for several reasons. For one, it provides an interesting look into Ned Flanders’ personal life and shows him in a new light. It also touches on themes of class differences and the struggles that come with trying to fit in with people who live vastly different lives than you do.

Additionally, this episode features several celebrity cameos including Marisa Tomei as Sara Sloane and Tom Brady as himself. It’s always fun to see famous faces pop up on The Simpsons!


Overall, “The Blunder Years” is a memorable episode of The Simpsons that showcases some great character development for Ned Flanders. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!