What Episode Does Homer Become a Movie Star?

If you’re a fan of the long-running animated comedy show ‘The Simpsons’, you might be wondering at what point in the series does Homer Simpson become a movie star. Well, fear not! We’ve got all the details for you.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that Homer has had several brushes with fame throughout the show’s 30+ year history. He’s become a professional boxer, started his own internet company, and even won a Grammy award for his barbershop quartet singing. But when does he become an actual movie star?

The answer is in season 10, episode 15 – ‘Marge Simpson in “Screaming Yellow Honkers”‘. In this episode, Homer buys a Canyonero SUV and becomes obsessed with it. He starts driving recklessly around Springfield and eventually catches the attention of a Hollywood stunt coordinator who offers him a job as an action movie star.

Homer jumps at the opportunity and soon finds himself on set filming his first movie – ‘Honk if You’re Horny’. The film is a huge success and Homer becomes an overnight sensation. However, fame quickly goes to his head and he starts acting like a diva on set.

Meanwhile, Marge is dealing with her own problems as she tries to get her new car – a small compact vehicle called the “L’il Bandit” – back from Snake Jailbird. The two storylines converge when Marge ends up crashing Homer’s Canyonero into Snake’s car during a chase scene.

In typical Simpsons fashion, everything ends up working out okay in the end. Homer learns to appreciate his family more than fame and Marge gets her car back. But the episode remains one of the most memorable moments in Simpsons history thanks to its hilarious take on Hollywood culture.

So there you have it – if you want to see Homer Simpson become a movie star, make sure to check out season 10, episode 15 of ‘The Simpsons’. With its mix of humor, heart, and social commentary, it’s a classic example of why the show has remained so beloved for decades.