What Does the Butler Say in Scary Movie 2?

Are you a fan of the Scary Movie franchise? Then you must have seen Scary Movie 2, a horror-comedy film that parodies many popular horror movies.

One of the most memorable moments from this movie is when the butler character, played by Chris Elliott, delivers a hilarious line that has left audiences laughing for years. But what exactly does he say? Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the context of this scene. The movie takes place in a haunted mansion where a group of college students are spending the weekend. The butler is one of the mansion’s staff members and is known for his strange behavior.

In the scene in question, the butler enters the dining room where the students are having dinner. He walks over to Cindy Campbell, played by Anna Faris, and says, “Would you like your chicken skin on or off?” This line may seem innocent enough at first glance but it quickly becomes clear that there’s something not quite right about this particular butler.

The delivery of this line is what really makes it memorable. Chris Elliott imbues his character with an eerie quality that leaves viewers unsure whether to laugh or be afraid. The use of pause and inflection in his voice adds to the overall comedic effect.

But why does he ask about chicken skin? It could be interpreted as a nod to real-life etiquette rules around serving chicken with skin on or off. Alternatively, it could simply be a bizarre non sequitur designed to throw off the characters and audience alike.

Regardless of its meaning, this line has become iconic in pop culture and is often referenced and parodied in other media. Its blend of humor and creepiness perfectly encapsulates what makes Scary Movie 2 such a beloved film.

In conclusion, while some may argue that “Would you like your chicken skin on or off?” is just a throwaway line from Scary Movie 2, it’s clear that it has had a lasting impact on audiences. Its combination of humor and unease is a testament to the film’s ability to parody horror movies while still being entertaining in its own right.