What Does Split Do in Video Editing?

Video editing is a complex process that involves several steps, from selecting the right footage to adding special effects. One of the most important tools in video editing is the “split” function. In this article, we will explore what split does in video editing and how it can help you create compelling videos.

What is Split?

Splitting is a video editing technique that allows you to cut a clip into two or more parts. It’s a handy tool when you want to remove unwanted sections from your footage or rearrange scenes. Splitting can also be used to add transitions between clips, such as fades or dissolves.

How to Split Clips

To split a clip in most video editing software, you need to identify the point where you want the clip to be cut. You can do this by scrubbing through your footage or using the timeline’s playhead.

Once you have found the right spot, click on the “split” button or use the keyboard shortcut (usually Ctrl+Shift+D). The clip will be divided into two parts at that point.

Uses of Splitting

Splitting can be used for several purposes in video editing:

1. Removing unwanted sections: If there are any parts of your footage that you don’t want to use, splitting allows you to remove them easily.

2. Rearranging clips: If you want to change the order of your clips, splitting them and rearranging them on the timeline is an easy way to do so.

3. Adding transitions: By splitting a clip and adding transitions between them, you can create smooth and seamless edits.

4. Creating montages: Splitting allows you to combine different portions of footage into one cohesive montage without having any abrupt cuts.

Tips for Using Splitting

  • Always make sure to preview your clips after splitting them to check for any continuity issues.
  • Use the razor tool or keyboard shortcut (usually B) to quickly split clips without having to navigate to the menu.
  • Consider using keyboard shortcuts for other functions, such as adding transitions, to speed up your workflow.


Splitting is an essential tool in video editing that can help you create seamless and engaging videos. From removing unwanted sections to adding transitions between clips, splitting allows you to be more creative with your footage. By learning how to use it effectively, you can take your video editing skills to the next level.