What Do You Need to Do Video Editing?

Video editing has become a popular and essential skill in today’s digital world. Whether you are a professional videographer or just someone who wants to create engaging videos for personal use, you need to know what tools and equipment are necessary for effective video editing. In this article, we will discuss the essential things you need to do video editing.


The first thing you need for video editing is a powerful computer. Video editing software requires a lot of processing power and memory to run efficiently. A slow computer will make the video editing process frustrating, time-consuming, and almost impossible.

When looking for a computer, consider the processor speed, RAM size, hard drive space, and graphics card. A high-end computer with at least 16GB of RAM, a fast processor (i7 or i9), and a dedicated graphics card will be ideal for video editing.

Video Editing Software

The next thing you need is video editing software. There are several options available in the market like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and more. These software options offer different features catering to various levels of users.

When selecting video editing software, look for features such as trimming tools, color correction tools, audio tools (such as noise reduction), special effects (such as transitions), and export options.

External Hard Drive

Video files can take up significant amounts of storage space on your computer’s hard drive. To avoid running out of storage space on your computer when working on large projects or when storing multiple videos at once, invest in an external hard drive.

An external hard drive allows you to store large files separately from your computer’s internal hard drive while still having easy access to them when needed. Look for an external hard drive with at least 1TB of storage capacity.

High-Quality Monitor

A high-quality monitor is essential for video editing. A monitor with accurate color representation, high resolution, and a wide viewing angle will allow you to see the finer details of your video and make necessary edits.

When choosing a monitor, look for one with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can also consider investing in a larger monitor or even multiple monitors to increase your workspace.


Audio is an essential part of any video, and having quality headphones or speakers will help you make the best audio decisions when editing. Look for headphones or speakers with good sound quality and noise-cancellation features to eliminate any background noise that may interfere with your editing process.


Video editing requires more than just a computer and video editing software. Having the right equipment and tools can make the difference between an average video and a professional-looking one. So invest in these essential items to create high-quality videos that engage viewers and meet your expectations as a content creator.