What Disney Movie Did Kurt Russell Star In?

If you’re a fan of classic Disney movies, you might be wondering which one had Kurt Russell in the cast. Kurt Russell is an American actor who has been in the entertainment industry for over five decades. He has starred in several iconic movies, but his role in a Disney movie is one that many fans remember fondly.

The Movie: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Kurt Russell starred in the 1969 Disney movie “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.” In this movie, he played the role of Dexter Riley, a college student who gains superhuman intelligence after an electrical mishap with a computer. The movie was directed by Robert Butler and written by Joseph L. McEveety.

The Plot of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

In the movie, Dexter Riley is just an average college student until he becomes a human computer. One day, while working on a science project, he spills water on a computer and is electrocuted. The jolt gives him superhuman intelligence and he becomes a genius overnight.

With his newfound intelligence, Dexter ends up winning big at the casino and catching the attention of some unsavory characters. He also helps his fellow students win their basketball game against rival school Rutland College.

Cast Members

Aside from Kurt Russell’s role as Dexter Riley, “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” also starred Joe Flynn as Dean Higgins, Cesar Romero as A.J Arno, and William Schallert as Professor Quigley.

The Legacy of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

“The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” was not only successful upon its initial release but also spawned two sequels: “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t” and “The Strongest Man in the World.” All three movies featured Kurt Russell as Dexter Riley.

Overall, “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” remains a beloved classic Disney movie that is remembered for its lighthearted humor and Kurt Russell’s charming performance.