What Did Ray Do to the Clown in Scary Movie 2?

Scary Movie 2 is a 2001 horror-comedy film that parodies several horror movies. The movie is full of hilarious and outrageous scenes, including one where a character named Ray encounters a creepy clown.

So, what did Ray do to the clown in Scary Movie 2? Let’s find out.

The Background Story

The scene begins with Ray (played by Shawn Wayans) wandering around the house with a video camera. He stumbles upon a room where he sees a creepy clown doll sitting on a chair.

Suddenly, the doll comes to life and attacks him. Ray flees from the room, terrified.

The Showdown

Later in the movie, Ray decides to confront his fear and face the clown once again. He enters the room armed with only his video camera. As he approaches the clown, it starts to move towards him.

Without hesitation, Ray swings his camera at the clown’s head and knocks it off. The head rolls across the floor and stops at Ray’s feet. But that’s not it – suddenly, there is another clown right behind him!

Ray screams in terror as he turns around to face this new threat. But then he realizes that this second clown is just his friend Shorty (played by Marlon Wayans) wearing a mask.


Ray’s actions are understandable given his previous encounter with the creepy clown doll. His decision to confront his fear shows bravery on his part, even though it was ultimately Shorty playing a prank on him.

The use of props such as the video camera adds an element of humor to an otherwise scary situation. It also serves as a tool for Ray to defend himself against the clown.

In conclusion, Ray’s showdown with the creepy clown in Scary Movie 2 is one of many hilarious scenes in this parody movie. His quick thinking and use of a video camera to defend himself adds to the humor and absurdity of the situation.