What Channel Is Ramez Movie Star On?

If you’re a fan of Ramez Galal’s pranks and want to catch his latest movie, you may be wondering what channel it’s on. Well, the answer depends on where you are located and what TV provider you have.

In Egypt, Ramez Movie Star is airing on the MBC Masr channel. This Arabic-language channel is available on most Egyptian cable and satellite providers, including NileSat, Arabsat, and Eutelsat. So if you’re in Egypt, all you need to do is tune in to MBC Masr at the scheduled air time to catch Ramez Movie Star.

For viewers outside of Egypt, the availability of MBC Masr may vary depending on your location and TV provider. In some cases, MBC Masr may be available as part of a premium package or add-on for international cable or satellite providers. Alternatively, some viewers may be able to stream the show online through an official broadcaster or streaming service.

If you’re having trouble finding out where to watch Ramez Movie Star in your area, you can try contacting your TV provider directly for more information. They should be able to tell you which channels are available in your package and if there are any additional fees or requirements for accessing MBC Masr.

In summary, Ramez Movie Star is currently airing on the MBC Masr channel in Egypt and may be available through select international cable and satellite providers or online streaming services. Keep an eye out for this hilarious new movie from one of Egypt’s most beloved comedians!