What Can You Do With Old Video Camera Equipment?

Do you have old video camera equipment lying around your house, collecting dust? Perhaps you upgraded to a newer model or you simply don’t use it anymore.

Whatever the reason may be, you might be wondering what to do with your old video camera equipment. Fortunately, there are several options available to you.

Sell it Online

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your old video camera equipment is by selling it online. There are several websites that allow you to sell used items, including cameras and accessories.

Some popular options include eBay and Craigslist. You can also try listing your items on Facebook Marketplace or other local buy and sell groups.


When selling online, make sure to include clear photos of the equipment, a detailed description of its condition and any accessories that come with it. This will help potential buyers make an informed decision and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Donate it

Another option is to donate your old video camera equipment. Many schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations accept donations of electronics for various programs such as film classes or documentary projects. Your local library may also be interested in accepting donations.


Before donating, make sure to check with the organization first if they accept video cameras and what their requirements are for donation (e.g., working condition, specific models).

Repurpose it

If selling or donating isn’t an option for you, then consider repurposing your old video camera equipment instead. For example, you can turn an old camcorder into a security camera by using software that can convert it into a surveillance system. Alternatively, you can use the lenses and accessories from your old camera on new ones if they are compatible.


Research online tutorials or consult with experts on how to repurpose your old video camera equipment safely and effectively.

Recycle it

If your old video camera equipment is beyond repair or repurposing, then it’s time to recycle it. Many electronics retailers offer recycling programs for cameras and other electronics. You can also check with your local waste management facility for information on how to dispose of electronic waste properly.


Make sure to wipe all personal data from your camera and remove any batteries before recycling it.


In conclusion, there are several options available when it comes to dealing with old video camera equipment. Whether you choose to sell it online, donate it, repurpose it or recycle it, make sure to do so responsibly and safely. With a little effort, you can turn your old electronics into something useful or simply get rid of them in an eco-friendly way.