What Beastie Boys Song Is in the Star Trek Movie?

Are you a fan of both Beastie Boys and Star Trek? If so, you may have noticed a familiar tune playing in the 2016 Star Trek movie, “Star Trek Beyond.” That’s right, it’s “Sabotage” by the legendary hip-hop group Beastie Boys.

What is “Sabotage”?

For those who may not be familiar with this classic song, “Sabotage” was released by Beastie Boys in 1994 as part of their fourth studio album, “Ill Communication.” The song quickly became a hit and is now considered one of the group’s most popular tracks.

Why was it included in Star Trek Beyond?

So why was this particular song chosen for the Star Trek movie? Well, it turns out that director Justin Lin is a huge fan of the Beastie Boys and has even used their music in previous films he directed, such as “Fast & Furious 6.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lin explained that he wanted to incorporate “Sabotage” into a scene where the crew of the USS Enterprise uses music to disrupt their enemies’ communications. He felt that “Sabotage” was the perfect choice because it’s both energetic and recognizable.

How does the scene play out?

The scene takes place towards the end of the movie when Captain Kirk (played by Chris Pine) and his crew are battling against Krall (played by Idris Elba) and his army. They discover that Krall’s ship is being powered by a swarm of tiny ships that are communicating with each other. In order to disrupt their communication and take down Krall’s ship, Kirk orders his crew to play “Sabotage” at maximum volume.

As soon as the music starts playing, Krall’s swarm becomes disoriented and starts crashing into each other. This gives Kirk and his crew an opportunity to launch their attack and save the day.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the inclusion of “Sabotage” in Star Trek Beyond was a fun and unexpected surprise for fans of both Beastie Boys and Star Trek. It’s a great example of how music can be used to enhance a movie’s action scenes and create a memorable experience for viewers.

If you haven’t seen Star Trek Beyond yet, we highly recommend checking it out for yourself to see how “Sabotage” fits into the movie’s exciting finale. And if you’re a fan of Beastie Boys, it’s definitely worth revisiting this classic track and reliving its infectious energy.