What Are the Movie References in Scary Movie 4?

Scary Movie 4 is a horror-comedy film that parodies various movies, including horror, science fiction, and superhero genres. As with all of the Scary Movie franchise movies, Scary Movie 4 is loaded with references to popular films. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the movie references in Scary Movie 4.

War of the Worlds

One of the most prominent movie references in Scary Movie 4 is to Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. The opening scene of the movie is an almost shot-for-shot parody of the famous War of the Worlds scene where aliens attack Earth. The scene features Tom Cruise’s character running through the streets as people around him are vaporized by alien laser beams.


Another popular movie reference in Scary Movie 4 is to the hit horror franchise Saw. In one scene, Shaquille O’Neal’s character is trapped inside a room and forced to cut off his own foot in order to escape. This scene is a direct reference to one of the most memorable scenes from Saw.

Brokeback Mountain

Scary Movie 4 also parodies Brokeback Mountain, a romantic drama about two cowboys who fall in love. In one scene, two male characters are caught by surprise while they are passionately kissing each other in an elevator.

Million Dollar Baby

The Academy Award-winning movie Million Dollar Baby also gets referenced in Scary Movie 4. In one memorable scene, Cindy Campbell (played by Anna Faris) punches her opponent so hard that she flies out of the boxing ring and crashes into a wall just like Hilary Swank’s character does in Million Dollar Baby.

The Village

M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller The Village also gets referenced in Scary Movie 4. In one scene, Cindy Campbell is running through a cornfield and happens upon a hidden village inhabited by people dressed in old-fashioned clothing.

Brokeback Mountain

Another Brokeback Mountain reference is made when Brenda Meeks (played by Regina Hall) refers to her boyfriend as her “Brokeback” in a phone conversation.

The Grudge

The Japanese horror movie The Grudge is also parodied in Scary Movie 4. In one scene, Cindy Campbell visits an old house where she encounters the ghostly Kayako from The Grudge.

King Kong

The classic monster movie King Kong also gets referenced in Scary Movie 4. In one scene, a giant gorilla attacks the city just like King Kong does in the original film.


In conclusion, Scary Movie 4 is packed with references to popular movies from various genres, including horror, science fiction, and drama. From War of the Worlds to Saw to Brokeback Mountain, this movie has it all. Whether you’re a fan of horror-comedies or just love movies in general, Scary Movie 4 is definitely worth checking out!