What Are Supers in Video Editing?

Video editing involves a lot of technical terms and jargon, and one of the most commonly used ones is “Supers.” If you’re new to video editing, you might be wondering what they are and what purpose they serve. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Supers in video editing.

What Are Supers?

A Super, short for “superimposition,” is a graphic or text element that appears over the main footage in a video. They’re typically used to provide additional information such as titles, captions, or subtitles. In other words, a Super is an overlay of text or graphics that adds context to the visuals.

Types of Supers

There are various types of Supers that can be used in video editing. Some of the most common ones are:

Title Supers

As the name suggests, Title Supers are used to introduce the title of a video. They’re typically placed at the beginning of a video and include details such as the name of the production company, director, actors/actresses, and other relevant information.

Caption Supers

Caption Supers are used to provide additional information about what’s happening on-screen. For example, if there’s dialogue in a foreign language that’s not understood by all viewers, Caption Supers can be added to translate it into English.

Lower Thirds

Lower Thirds are Supers that appear at the lower third portion of the screen. They’re often used to introduce people being interviewed or provide their names and titles.

Why Are Supers Important?

Supers play an essential role in video editing because they help to convey important information to viewers. They provide context and help viewers understand what’s happening on-screen more effectively. Without them, viewers might miss out on important details or struggle to follow the narrative.

How to Add Supers in Video Editing

Adding Supers is relatively easy and can be done using various video editing software. Most video editing software includes a text tool that allows you to create and add Supers to your project. You can choose from different fonts, colors, sizes, and styles to make them visually appealing and consistent with your project’s overall look.


In summary, Supers are a crucial element in video editing that help to convey important information and add context to the visuals. They come in various types, including Title Supers, Caption Supers, and Lower Thirds. When used effectively, they enhance the viewer’s experience and make the video more engaging and informative.